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Valet Trash & Recycling / Management Information

Professional Recycling Service in Houston TX

Houston Junk Removal & Recycling Services - Valet Trash ServicesDoor Dash valet trash services benefits both, the property management team as well as the community’s tenants. You can add valet trash service without the need to revise your current budget! In fact it will increase you ROI. Valet trash service is rated #1 amenity for tenants. We at Door Dash realize the importance of offering great professional service consistently! Also, we offer a great recycling program!

Become a GO GREEN Community!!

Houston Junk Removal & Recycling Services - Go Green

Property Management & Owner Benefits

  • No start up cost
  • No Long-Term Contracts (Renew Annually)
  • Complimentary cleaning of common areas.
  • Up to 50% rebates for multi-property deals
  • #1 tenant rated Community Amenity
  • Risk-free Ancillary Income Stream
  • Increase tenant retention
  • Differentiate your property from competitors
  • Pick up before or after leasing hours
  • Cleaner units decrease pests and rodents
  • Our Recycling Program cuts the amount of trash in the dumpsters

Residents Benefits

  • Convenience - No more hauling heavy trash to a far away dumpster
  • We offer a FREE removable containers that act as kitchen garbage receptacles, when not placed out for pick-up.
  • 24/7 support by phone or email.
  • If you have extra trash don't worry we can arrange to pick it up!
  • All our employees are background checked for your safety.
  • Our uniformed employees help deter criminals


Once your community management agrees to Door Dash's Services it is this simple!

  1. Door-to-Door trash pickup from residents doorstep by our friendly uniformed employees.We also pick up trash in the breezeways!
  2. Attendant collects trash in shoulder anti-drip harness
  3. Inspection of waste receptacle - replace, if needed
  4. Next your trash is taken to an on-site dumpster or compactor for disposal.
  5. Compactor/Disposal area cleared of loose trash.

Trash N Dash, LLC BBB Business Review